Philip Fimmano

Philip Fimmano is a contemporary lifestyle specialist, contributing to Trend Union's books, magazines and strategic studies for various international brands. As the co-curator of Edelkoort Exhibitions, Philip curated many international design exhibitions for museums and institutes.

Posts by Philip Fimmano

design by maddalena selvini


The most memorable project from Dutch Design Week in 2013 was ‘CaCO3’ by Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn Jansen. The Dutch Invertuals left 3D printed wire structures in a cave to overgrow them with limestone, creating coarse millennial vessels and vases in the most sustainable of ways. An approach to form that can be considered
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The human epidermis has been inspiring textile and material trends since Lycra became popular in the 1980s; yet each year it is hailed as an avant garde idea for embryonic form and elastic tactility. Often presented in skintone colour ranges, this design movement has been far-reaching, influencing neutral make-up, coated fabrics and futuristic furniture. Even
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design by gigi barker


Many consumers and decorators today view our homes as landscapes in which to scatter organic furniture and accessories. Thus the interior stylist becomes an interior gardener, for a trend that evokes a calming sense of Nature and one that can become quite sophisticated too. The most important aspect of a landscaped interior is the horizon.
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courtesy of mint gammery


While sugary pastels ARE invadING our interiors, another surface confection is appearing to keep up with this APPETIZING trend. Nougat-type patterns reflect a move towards sweet SCATTERED effects that surprise the consumer in unexpected colour combinations. Bringing us speckled, mottled and sprayed techniques; whether real, flocked or printed, these new nougats contrast a flat cut
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lightworks resources


Metal polishing and treatments transform the use of the alloy aspects popular today. Beyond the golden revival of polished brass and matte bronze initiated by Tom Dixon, sheets of metal are now being encased in sanded epoxy resins by companies like Wüd Furniture, allowing the metal to shine through while maintaining a highly-resistant practical surface.
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lunaris by calico


Hot off the heels of NLXL’s international commercial success, wallpapers at the ICFF took on monumental scope with more trompe-l’oeil images used by designers and artists to transform walls and surfaces. The urban texture of ConcreteWall™ was blown up by photographer Tom Haga for Resource Furniture. Haga also photographs cinder blocks, bricks and wood and
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design by lernert & sander


Wallpaper is back with a vengeance! After years of being relegated to bad memories of the brown and orange organic geometrics and exotic botanic foliage from the 70’s, new techniques and technologies allow designers to gain texture and dramatic effects in contemporary repeats. Sometimes, large-scale printing can create engineered non-repeat panels and even paper murals
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design by boffi


Kitchens are starting a clean slate. They are undoing all old references of romantic rural kitchens in favour of a fresh minimalism that is easy to clean and easy to perceive. In one go the eye is able to observe the complete installation, an installation of geometric magnitude with far reaching perspectives. Much like an
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design by ettore sottsas


With the World Expo 2015 in Milan the world will focus on Italy, its history and its great moments of world dominance. One of these periods is without doubt the Memphis Movement, from 1981 to 1987 brought together by Ettore Sosstas and included famous designers such as Michele de Lucchi, Matteo Thun and Michael Graves.
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